Friday, August 9, 2013

Organizing Shared Files in Google Drive

As can be expected, Google advertises their Google Apps for Education as a powerful tool with a multitude of benefits for the educational community.   Not only is it a secure, user-friendly platform that can be accessed from the cloud anywhere in the world, it also encourages collaboration within the classroom, a skill that the International Society for Technology in Education identifies  as one of the six core standards that students must acquire to be prepared for the digital age.

The school where I work has a been a Google Apps for Education school for many years.  The teachers who do use it regularly know that the collaboration features can bolster student learning and provide teachers with valuable formative assessment data, but constantly sharing files can become cumbersome.  I conducted some research and found a few easy strategies to facilitate sharing of files within a classroom that will help to maintain organization within Google Drive.  I hope that this will help to encourage more teachers to put Google Drive to use with their students.

Please check out my Diigo library to learn more of the capabilities of Google Apps for Education.